Step Work Beginner Journalist

To be a journalist in fact everyone can do it, because this work can be learned and practiced by anyone, below is a step of the stage,

Publicize your journalism profession to relationships, friends, relatives and surrounding communities. By directly or by phone, can also make and distribute business cards. In this way is expected to capture the news as much as possible. The more friends and acquaintances will make it easier for us to work. With the breadth of the network, the opportunity to get the news will be even greater. Because one day you do not need to look for news, but the news will find you.
Learn the character of the working area, all government and private institutions that exist through others or come directly; how many agencies or agencies. The name of the official who, what kind of character, easy to find or allergic to the press. Including members of parliament and party officials, try to know and know them.

The number of sub-districts and villages, the names of sub-districts and some of the influential village heads in the region. Much communicate with him, because one day reporters will need information from them, at least can communicate via phone.
Have acquaintances with journalists from other media as well as the local Police and Kodim intelligence. In order to cooperate and exchange information. Usually a new reporter will be underestimated by them, then we smartly approach them, for example, we give new information that they do not have.
To make a news can start from the issues circulating in the community which is then explored by seeking clarity through the information giver. If there is already certain information just confirm to the news object. We take the example of light news, For example: in Sambirejo village there are rice raskin issues that are not worth consuming, the issue is circulated through word of mouth, then we meet one of the sources of information, if need be able to take samples of rice. If it is certain and clear that it is happening in the village of Sambirejo then we can directly confirm to the officials at the village level ie the device or the village head. And then the information can be compiled into a story. To complete this news should be confirmed to the relevant agencies, such as the Bulog office in the district, ask for information or letters to the head of Bulog. If there is still time to ask for a comment from a local parliament member; how his attitude relates to the government's performance in addressing this issue. This method can be used to create a variety of news about anything.
How to compose the correct news must meet the 5 + H rule; what, who, where, when, why, and how. If you already meet these elements means the news is complete, just arrange it in accordance with your writing skills. It's easy, right?
Start working, and enjoy the world of journalism.
Written by oeh Muhammad Ngafuan SH, a press practitioner, has been active as a journalist since sitting in college until now. Management of PWI Pokja Grobogan

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