Mystery of Leak Bali, Myth of Magical Creatures From the Island of the Gods

Leak is always identified with the creature's head-faced spooky and fanged teeth and wrapped in black and white plaid cloth was not just a mere Balinese folklore.
Apparently Leak is a sacred Balinese literary teaching that when pronounced with creativity, will transform a person into whatever is in his mind.
"Leak is real. But it's not just the spooky shape that's been perceived by the crowd, Leak is a spiritual teaching that can change shape into anything. So do not be surprised if you see your own motorcycle in Bali, "said Cultural Bali, I Gede Ngurah Harta, as reported from the Merdeka page.

Ngurah said, anyone can learn the mystical flow that is able to change that form. No specific age or gender restrictions are required.
"There is no requirement required to be Leak, as long as diligent and serious study of Balinese holy literature and pronounced with strong creativity will be realized," said Ngurah.
According to Ngurah, Leak is not only found in the Sanur area but spread throughout almost all areas in Bali. But the swift flow of outside cultures, making Leak spiritual flow that pushed into the interior of Bali alone, like Sanur.
Leak is not a creature made for pesugihan, but a choice for people who are ancient Balinese literary junkies. Because it did not produce anything, the mystical flow began to be abandoned.
In Balinese script there is no such thing as Leak, but 'liya, ak' which means five characters (inserting and expelling the power of literacy in the body through certain ordinances).
The five characters are Si is the reflection of God, Wa is grace, Ya is the soul, Na is the power that conceals the intelligence and Ma is the selfish self-imposed soul. The power of the script is called the five fires.

Humans learn any spirituality, will surely emit light (aura) when it reaches its peak. The light comes out through the five senses of the body ie the ears, eyes, mouth, crown and pubic but generally the light comes out through the eyes and mouth.
Prayer Leak as follows, Ong gni brahma anglebur panca maha bhuta, anglukat sarining merta. mulihakene kite ring betara guru, our tumitis dadi human mahotama. ong rang legit, wrete namah.
There are seven spiritual levels of Leak:
1. Leak barracks (brahma). This leak can only issue a red light the fire.
2. Leak month,
3. Leak pemamoran,
4. Leak flowers,
5. Leak sari,
6. Leak cemeng rangdu,
7. Leak Siwa Klakah, is the highest Leak because the seven of his chakras emit light in accordance with his inner will.
The highest level of Leak becomes bade, under it becomes an eagle, and further down the other animals, such as monkeys, dogs, white chickens, goats, pigs and so on. Also known as I Pudak Setegal (the famous and beautiful smell), I Garuda Bulu Emas, I Jaka Punggul and I Pitik Bengil (chicks in a state of saturated wet).
Please note, during the time of King Udayana who ruled in Bali in the 16th century, when writer I Gede Basur is still alive that once wrote a book lontar Pengebakan two namely 'Lontar Durga Bhairawi' and 'Lontar Ratuning Kawisesan'. Jamz

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